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7.         I have found some cute Easter crafts to do with your kids. The few displayed are from one of my favorite websites Disney Family Fun website. I have always been happy with their crafts and they have great recipes, articles and more. I have also included a cute easy snack called Carrot Patch Cookies.

Disney Family Fun Link:

Another website that I love is called Busy Bee Kids Crafts. This site is full of wonderful ideas and I refer to it all the time. Busy Bee has crafts for all ages and categorized so it is easy to find just what you are looking for and more.

Busy Bee Kids Craft Link:

Next week we will have another Guest Blogger. She is a dear friend and a Children’s Ministry Director so keep a look out for her and her perspective next week. Happy Crafting!

Magazine Mini Basket

Total Time Needed:
1-2 Hours
A tisket, a tasket: this colorful basket is created from strips of recycled magazines. Fill your container with shredded scrap paper for a greener take on Easter grass.

    Magazine covers
    Scissors and craft knife
    Clear tape


2. To make the base, cut a 9-inch square from a magazine cover. Use the ruler to draw a tic-tac-toe grid across the square, then cut it as shown, leaving four tabs (these will be the basket's sides).
3. With the craft knife, cut four slits in each tab as shown (an adult's job). Fold the four tabs up.
4. Cut more magazine covers into 1/2-inch-wide strips. Starting at the bottom, weave the strips in and out of the slits. When one strip ends, tape it in place, then begin weaving the next strip until all the sides are covered.
5. Tape on a strip to serve as a handle.
Younger kids might find it easier to make the base from card stock, which is a bit sturdier.

Tie-Dye Tuffets

    2 coffee filters
    Egg dye in various colors
    1-inch-tall segment of cardboard tube
    White glue

6. Fold each filter into quarters and dip its edges and point into a different-color dye. Unfold the filters and let them dry on a paper towel or draped over an empty egg carton.

8. When the filters are dry, fold them again and snip fringe along the edges. If you plan to make the collage eggs below, reserve the trimmings.

10.           Lay each filter flat. Lightly coat the outside of a tube segment with glue, then put it at the filter's center. Gather the filter around the tube, adhering it to the sides. Repeat with the other filter. (For small eggs, double up the tube segments, fitting one inside the other.)
Bonus Idea! Don't toss the coffee-filter trimmings from the tuffets; instead, use them to make pretty collage eggs. Simply brush hard-boiled eggs with watered-down white glue, stick on the trimmings, and brush the eggs with another coat of glue. Let them dry for an hour.

Melted Crayon Eggs

Total Time Needed:
30 Minutes or less
When the most humble of art supplies meets the shell of a just-boiled egg, the crayon wax softens, and the colors swirl together in a magical way. The results are fast, fun, and gorgeous.

    white eggs
    empty egg carton

11.           Hard-boil white eggs. Remove them from the hot water with tongs or a slotted spoon, dry them, and rest them in an empty egg carton or on plastic bottle caps (an adult's job).

13.           Color them with the crayons' tips or remove the paper coverings and use the crayons' sides. For a speckled effect, grate a crayon and sprinkle the bits over the eggs. The waxy eggs are very slippery, so take care when turning them to color the underside.
14.           When you're done coloring, leave them to dry for about an hour.

Carrot Patch Cookies

A crop of these tiny treats will add whimsy to any Easter or springtime celebration.

    Orange Mike and Ike candies
    Green gummy candy (we used Rips licorice pieces, which are flat)
    Nabisco Biscos sugar wafer cookies
    Chocolate frosting
    Chocolate wafer cookie crumbs

15.           To make each carrot, cut a slit in one end of a Mike and Ike candy with a sharp knife (an adult's job). Cut a small triangle from the green gummy candy (if needed, roll it flat), then fringe the base to form leaves. Tuck the triangle into the slit of the Mike and Ike and pinch it closed.
16.           For each carrot planter, place a wafer cookie base on a flat surface. Form the longer walls from two whole cookies and cut a third one to fit the shorter ends. Attach the pieces with frosting.
17.           To fill four planters, combine 2 tablespoons frosting with 2 tablespoons cookie crumbs. Fill each box with the mixture, then press three candy carrots inside. If needed, add more of the frosting mixture to hold the carrots in place.
We used Biscos because they're smaller than many other brands. If you use a larger cookie, increase the amount of frosting and cookie crumbs.


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