Moving, Packing & Unpacking

Well it has been a long wait but we have finally sold our townhouse. God has been faithful to us and we are thankful for His provisions.

Now time to pack. It has been very overwhelming and at times difficult with two little ones. So I decided to seek some advice to make this process as easy as possible. I found a great website with all kinds of tips and advice for Packing & Unpacking. It is amazing how many of our our friends are going through this same process now so, hopefully this is helpful for many of us. Below I have listed a few links with tips and advice that might be useful for those going through this moving process now or in the near future. Happy Packing!

Efficient Packing
Keeping Track of your Stuff during Moving
How to Unpack Boxes without Losing your Mind
How to Tape Moving Boxes    
Pantry Pack Up
How to Pack so Unpacking is Efficient