1000 Gifts


1000 Gifts List:

62.Blooming flowers
61. My daughter singing her heart out about Jesus with a play microphone in the middle aisles of Michaels.
60.The Lords way of speaking to me through daily devotions.
59. My husbands interest in how my day went.
58. The smell of a clean shirt and the warmth when if first comes out of the dryer.
57. A nap
56.Robins sitting on the branch in the early morning, with the sun making their feathers glisten
55.A big bowl of my favorite ice cream
54.A quiet house
53.Watching my son laugh at his reflection in the mirror
52.Crafting with my daughter
51. Wonderful supportive friends
50. Fun Crafts that make my daughter laugh
49. Beautiful sunny day
48. Watching my daughter learn how to write.
47. Fresh snow falling and sipping coffee in my favorite mug.
46. Room full of ladies wanting to learn more about God and studying together
45. Fresh Basil and garlic
44. Smiling son
43. Finished hand made cards to give out.
42. Losing 8 lbs
41. Comfy jeans
40. Medicine to help with my migraines
39. Warm fire 
38. Crisp clean sheets on the bed
37. Fresh apples
36. Quiet candle light dinner at home with my husband.
35. Valentines for class done.
34. All the wash done and folded.
33. Quiet morning with coffee and the word
32. Snow sitting on the branches 

31. Trusting in the Lord for guidance and having Him direct us, feeling His peace.
30. His Word speaking to me.
29. Making ornaments with my daughter and niece.
28. God's love for me always and forever. Making ornaments with my daughter and niece.
27. Opening each day the advent calendar and reading the beautiful stories about our Saviour.
26. Beautiful Christmas Tea with family and friends and time to reflect on His wonder.
25. Speniding time with my husband and enjoying a nice glass of wine alone.
24. Thanksgiving with family and enjoying time talking, laughing and being silly.
23. Freedom to worship     
22.The Cross
21. Small GroupBeing challenged to Love God with a Crazy 
20.Husband who is supportive and encouraging. Comfort food:meatloaf
19.Keeping a God focus and being reminded today how important that is for me to do.
18.How God reveals himself in many ways and use people in your life as his vehicle.

 17.The mom who held the door open for two stores just because she saw that it would be helpful
16.The sweet checkout girl who helped me bag all my groceries.
15.The gentlemen who pushed the cart back to the curb.Friends that you can count on.My little sons smile
14.Hearing I love you from my daughter
13.Spending the day with my two little ones and enjoying the time.
12.My daughter running through the list of things she can do once she gets older: earrings, chewing gum, sitting next to daddy in the front, flying in a rocket ship to see what cloud God is sitting on.

11.Sound of Sunday School children today singing praises to the Lord

10.Church family
9.Beautiful sunny autumn day 

8.Time away with my husband
7.My quiet time.... 
6.The yummy candied sweet potato chips that my mother-in-law brought home
5.The smile I got from my son as I walked into the house
4.My daughter asking me which cloud is God sitting on
3.The beautiful clouds that remind me of cotton balls and the sun that peaks out behind them.
2.The time spent in the car singing praise to our Lord with my daughter
1.Waking up to hearing my husband tell me that he Loves me!

As I sit and think about what I am thankful for I am overwhelmed. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband and two amazing little ones. I have started a One thousand Gifts List. Inspired by the book
One Thousand Gifts: A dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are 
by Ann VosKamp

On her website there are downloads that you can use to keep track of your gifts it is a really cute printout.