Earth Day Ideas and Giveaway's

Earth Week 2012 Ideas and Giveaway’s
SundayApril 22, 2012.
We will keep adding as we learn more!

Starbucks -- If you have a reusable mug tucked away somewhere, march it on over to Starbucks. For Earth Day, Starbucks locations across the country (and in Canada) are giving away free cups of hot or cold tea or coffee to customers with their own reusable mugs and tumblers. If you don't have one yet, the company is also selling its own reusable ware for 20 percent off.

Origins -- Green your beauty routine with Origins. With a $30 purchase online, Origins customers get a free full-size tube of Origin's limited edition Earth Day cleanser. Or, take an empty bottle of your current face cleanser to an Origins store for recycling and the company will hand you the free cleanser (as long as you fill out this form first).
Disney -- Get your kids in the Earth Day spirit with a trip to the Disney Store. Disney (which is the parent company of ABC News) is giving away reusable green shopping bags to anyone who brings in five plastic shopping bags.
Target -- To recognize Earth month, Target is hosting a "Refresh Your Nest" sweepstakes that wraps up on April 30. Enter the sweepstakes online and win a chance to give your home a $50,000 makeover that's both stylish and sustainable. Even if you don't win the ultimate prize, you still could win one of several fun, eco-friendly prizes, from eco vacations to home energy makeovers to energy-efficient consumer electronics.
Lowe's -- Lowe's home goods store is making it easier than ever to plant a tree for Earth Day. On April 23, the company will be giving away one million trees to the people who walk into their stores.
Free Gardening Workshops
Home Depot stores are hosting free workshops starting on Earth Day to teach customers basic gardening. An eco-friendly gardening class will be held both at 7 p.m. Thursday and 1 p.m. Saturday at stores across the country. You can also go back to Home Depot at 10 a.m. on Saturday for a free class on energy-efficient, electricity- and water-saving products.

National Park Service -- Take a hike for Earth Day. Literally. To get people out and enjoying the Earth they're protecting, the National Parks Service has made the country's parks free on Earth Day -- and on a few days on either side of it. Visit one of the 394 units of the National Park Service during National Park Week April 16-24 for hiking and history, wildlife viewing and volunteering.
More information on the spots and events near you can be found on the National Parks Service website.

World of Green website:
This site is filled with wonderful ways in which you can live simply and eco-friendly. This site is a place where responsible merchants of all sizes from all over the world can showcase their eco-friendly products.

What can you do this Earth Week 2012?
There are many green ideas for Earth Week:
         Less is More - Purchase items with less packaging.
         Hybrid Light Bulbs – Use hybrid light bulbs in your home and office
         Green Energy – Advocate the use of sustainable, renewable, clean energy.
         Recycling – Start a recycling program at your school, office, or workplace.
         Eco-Challenges - Convert waste materials into new things that are functional or beautiful, or both.
         Earth Day Movie - Check out Disneynature’s Chimpanzee Movie at a theater near you
         Green Transportation – Walk, ride or bike - Skip the car!
         Plant a Tree or Garden – Green your environment with trees, gardens and flowers.
         Turn off the lights – Turn off all unnecessary lights
         Phantom Energy – Unplug Appliances to reduce the use of phantom energy
         Pick up the Garbage - Spend some a couple hours picking up litter at your local park, river or highway
         Earth Week Activities -Teach children how to be environmentalists early! They are the future.