Coloring Easter Eggs

I remember when I was younger coloring Easter eggs with my brother and mom. It was fun picking the colors and decorating them with crayons and stickers. That was such a good memory!

This year was the first year that I colored eggs with my daughter. I decided to make it simple because 1) I had never done it before, and 2) she is only 3 years old.   I saw a bunch of really cool ideas on Pinterest and the Web that seemed pretty involved, but in the end I thought, “keep it simple Holly and fun!”

So I took my own advice and bought a PAAS DEGGORATING Party Box that came with everything we needed to decorate some Easter eggs. The dye tablets, stickers, glitter, glue, sequins, paint, and foam stamps all came with the kit. I could just set it up and go, so it was great! I also bought the PAAS coloring cups (which I found to be better than my bowls) so I was glad I bought them and I can reuse them each year.

LT had a lot of fun dipping the eggs and decorating them. She was very proud of her eggs when they were finished. We made little baskets for a few of them to sit in. I had found a cute basket to make on Disney Family Fun (Link: It came out cute but it was definitely a project geared for older kids!

I would recommend the kit if you need something quick and inexpensive!! There was plenty of dye color to make more than enough eggs (we only did 10). I highly recommend it.  (Tip: if you want brighter colors use vinegar instead of water.)

Happy Crafting!

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