Well this is a lesson, a spiritual fruit, and a true test that I am continually learning and growing in each day.  At this time our family has been waiting patiently for the Lord to lead us to the right home. We thought we had found it several times, but for different reasons the Lord has closed doors. As my husband and I pray about this and ask God to lead us He has been speaking to us through our devotional readings, friends, family and do you know what He has been saying to us? BE PATIENT, WAIT ON ME, I WILL GUIDE YOU TO THE RIGHT APPOINTED TIME.

Yeah that is really what I want Him to say as we are approaching a year of living with my in laws and feeling like we are becoming a huge burden.  I so struggle with trying to figure it all out, make sense of it all and yet I find no logic, no sense. Just the fact that I know the Lord has a plan and that He is in control and I am not!
What has personally been a huge struggle is that during this time of waiting I have seen it affect me in ways that have been good and not so good. The good is that I find myself going to the Lord in prayer more than ever before, because I feel and have seen Him working.

To be perfectly honest I have always struggled with patience and having things right away. During this time my patience for most everything has been running thin. I have to stop and regroup several times a day and then there are days I fail miserably at having any patience at all.
Has anyone else felt that way or is it just me?

Even through this time, God continues to show up and He is faithful. Just to give you a few titles of my devotionals lately (seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!):

·      God’s Timing,
·      Walk away from worry
·      Are you tuned in?
·      Who you are meant to be (God’s plan)
·      My Way?
·      A Long and winding Path (Be still),
·      Stop and See (Stand Still and trust)
·      When the Journey Gets Tough
·      Not what I planned.
             I am not kidding.  
             All of these titles have come up recently as well as some more.
 But the Lord keeps yelling (just kidding, it’s always in His gentle voice) in my ear about this and He continually giving me verses and stories to help me through this time.  I am so thankful that He is patient with me and that He loves me that much. He still brings the verses, stories, family and friends with encouraging words, to be in front of me to help with the patience and the waiting. He is faithful.

I know someday soon I will be able to write about how HE has given us the Home, but until then I keep praying and learning about His timing and faithfulness.

So when you feel like you just can’t take it anymore (and I have plenty of those days) bring it to the Lord.

If you have ever felt that way, or that this is a struggle for you, let me know.  Share what you have learned and then I can pray for you too!

Psalm 46: 10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”
Psalm 142:3 “ When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path.”
Ecclesiastes 8:6a”For every matter is a time”

God’s timetable may move slowly, but it does move surely.

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  1. Love that ending line, "God's time table may move slowly but it moves surely." Thank you for your encouragement this morning!

    1. Glad it was encouraging, His timing is so perfect and I need to always be reminded. Enjoy your weekend!:)

  2. Oh I have been there--but not as long. You are a trooper! We lived with my parents for 6 months when we moved back to MS and were trying to find a house.

    1. We never knew it would be this long but are super thankful that they have been willing to have us and keep telling us as long as we need. That has been a blessing but hopefully soon God will bring that house for our family. Thanks for the encouragement and reading, have a great weekend!

  3. You have written about one of my personal struggles. I have seen the Holy Spirit, the Gardener of our Soul, work miracles in my life in the area of patience, but He is not done with me yet : ) It is a life-long journey, I believe. Thank you so much and blessings to you in your own journey. His timing IS indeed perfect. In Christ

    1. Gisela
      Thank you for sharing. It always amazes me how God works on each of us and if we are open He does miraculous things. I will lift you up in prayer as we go on this daily journey of learning patience in all things!


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