This Month our focus will be on children. I am so excited about this month because I have a few Guest Writers sharing different perspectives on child rearing, education and family. Keep a look out for some great posts this month and share.

The poem below is a poem that I thought was sweet and a prayer for my children of thankfulness and hope for the future. My personal prayer each day is that my children will know, accept, serve and love the Lord Jesus as their personal savior and to have that relationship with Him. Continue to pray for your children.  Mine teach me new things each day, make me laugh and at times try my patience (but what child doesn’t). However, at the end of the day I am reminded of how blessed I am!

A Parents Prayer
© Althea A. Anker

Thank you God for
The children of mine
Who teach me things
That blow my mind.
They entertain themselves
In the funniest ways.
I pray that the innocence
They possess never goes away.
I pray they will
Grow up and be smart,
And I pray that they will never grow apart.
I pray that they will call home
Whenever they are near a phone.
I pray that they never feel alone.
I hope they turn to you
Through guidance and prayer
And know that you and their parents
Will always be there.

LT, GirlCT, Boy

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