Recycled Crafts

With Earth Day quickly approaching I thought I would share a craft that my daughter and I did.

I have been saving baby food jars for awhile and have found various crafts to do with them that can be useful, decorative or just plain fun. After all it is Earth month and this is a great Recycled Craft!

We have used the baby food jars to create cute pencil holders. We used scraps of construction paper to create a princess and prince around the jar. I use them to hold scissors and crayons or paintbrushes.

Another way we used a jar was to paint it with special glass paint and then turn it into a cute little vase. We made tissue paper flowers and I used small pipe cleaners left over from another craft to make the stems. (I didnt need long pipe cleaners because the jars are small.)

I save scraps all the time because you never know when they will come in handy!!
Happy Crafting!!!

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