Teacher Appreciation Part 2

These were my Teacher Appreciation gifts this year. I had the privilege to help find gifts to give to the entire staff as well as personal gifts for my daughters teachers. I found ideas online and on Pinterest and tweaked it to work for the gifts I purchased.

Teacher Appreciation week: May 7- 11, 2012

I found reusable coffee cups and attached a note that said: "Thanks a Latte for all you do!"
The Teacher printout I purchased from Urban Bliss:

I Found a really cute Lunch tote at Marshalls and filled it with Energy bars, trail mix, granola bars, a drink and of course a little chocolate. I attached the tag that said: "Thanks for putting so much "Energy"  into _____ Year!" The company Thirty-One has really great lunch totes so if you plan ahead for next year you could order it from them and then get the teachers initials embroidered on the front to personalize the gift.

I purchased at my favorite store Michael’s notepads and pencils that coordinate. I found these items in the bins by the registers  that have all the dollar items or now $1.50(They may be located in different ares at each store). In the past I have also bought a bunch of notepads, notecards, pencils, pens that all coordinate and put them together as a bundle for a gift.
I attached a note that said: "Take NOTE we think you're awesome!"

These are just some ideas. I always enjoy creating something fun to enjoy and show grattitude. Happy Creating!!

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