Table Talk: Apples, Apples, Apples

It is one of my favorite seasons…Fall.  When I think of Fall one of the things that comes to mind are Apples. We love to go apple picking each year. We come home with a ton of apples and I don’t always know what to do with them all. Last year I made applesauce, a few pies, apple crisps and an apple cake. So this year I researched some recipes to provide a little variety. I found a few good recipes that I am going to share from the Disney Family Fun website. This site is great not only for recipes but also ideas for crafts, printables, games and even getaways. It is a great Parent resource so check it out.

I also found a website that has some great games, coloring pages and free crafts called Here is a link:

If you are looking to go Apple picking there is a website that lists orchards in any area you would like to go. The site is called Pick Your Own.

I hope this was helpful and gave you some great ideas to have fun with apples and learn too!

Shown above: Basket With Apples Art Print sold by

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